It started as Leon Baldesberger’s Bachelor Project at the Conservatoire in Zürich (ZHdK), where it was awarded for Best of Swiss Jazz Bachelor 2012. Two years later it got the maximal score at Leon’s Masters Concert at the same Conservatoire.
Stylistically one could call it „augmented minimal odd-meter“. Carefully structured and orchestrated passages, often based on minimalistic patters which are dominated by a combination of complex rhythms and broad harmonies, are side by side with very open and improvised passages.
The project has continuously developed since its foundation. It stood on stage at various Clubs and Festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Spain, such as moods in Zürich, Bird’s Eye in Basel, Hot Clube de Portugal in Lisbon, Salão Brazil in Coimbra, Cascais Jazz Clube, with live broadcast on Antena2,  Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporánea in Seville, El Musicário in Cádiz,  Festival F  in Faro, among others. The Debut Album „Störfaktor“ was recorded at Hitmill Studios in Zürich in September 2015, and presented in Switzerland in 2016.
The second album “Odd Matters” was recorded in Oktober 2018 at Trafalgar Estudios, Spain, and will be released in January 2019 by Blue Asteroid Records.


Leon Baldesberger (tp, comp)
Miguel Martins (g)
Alexandre Dahmen (p)
Luís Henrique (b)
João Melro (dr)

Leon Baldesberger, Bio:

Leon was born 1982 in Faro – Portugal, son of a swiss couple. He starts playing the trumpet at the age of 9, at the local Philharmonic Band, and studies at the Algarve Conservatory from age 12 to 19. Between 2001 and 2007, with an increasing interest in Jazz, he attends several Workshops hosted by Zé Eduardo, having lessons with Scott Wehdholt, Jack Walrath, Jonathan Kreisbeg, Aaron Goldberg, Matt Penman, Greg Tardy, Alan Ferber and many others. Between 2002 and 2005 he attends private lessons in Jazz Theory and Improvisation with Hugo Alves. Besides his musical studies, he holds a Bachelors in Psychology by the Algarve University.
In 2008 Leon moves to Zürich (Switzerland), where he studies Jazz Trumpet ant the Conservatoire in Zürich (ZHdK). His Bachelor Project (Meersalz) was nominated Best of Swiss Jazz Bachelor in 2012, and two years later it got the maximal score at his Masters Concert. He worked with teachers such as Daniel Schenker, Matthieu Michel, Chris Wiesendanger, Andreas Wulf, Kaspar Ewald and André Belmont (composition), among many others. He attended Masterclasses with Maria Schneider, Nils Petter Molvaer, Alex Sypiagin, Bom Moses, Armen Donelian, Nik Bärtsch, Andreas Vollenweider. In 2013 he’s nominated by the ZHdK as a representative student to be part of that years IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz, lead by David Liebman), having attended Masterclasses with Jörg Engels, Jeff Siegel and Nick Smart.
Besides leading his own Band „Meersalz“, wich has presented its debut Album „Störfaktor“ in 2016 (new album “Odd Matters” to be released in January 2019), Leon played and/or plays in several projects as a sideman, from with one could highlight the Zürich Jazz Orchestra, Lukas Brügger Jazz Orchestra (CD Home and Beyond, 2014, CD Finja’s Afternoon, 2015), Suma Covjek (CD Babel in 2016, CD No Man’s Land in 2018), Orquestra de Jazz do Algarve, among many others. He had the pleasure to play with amazing musicians, such as Pius Baschnagel, Chris Wiesendanger, Nicolas Stocker, Tom Harrell, Miguel Martins, Raphael Jost, Dena DeRose, Zé Eduardo, David Regan, Marena Witcher, Enzo d’Aversa, Theo Kapilidis, Christoph Grab, Viktorija Pilatovic, Antonio Mesa, Bruno Pedroso and many others.
Besides being a performing musician, he also worked as a teacher for trumpet, Music Theory and Jazz Combo in several Music Schools in Switzerland, and currently teaches at the Music Conservatoire in Albufeira.
In 2016 Leon moved back to Portugal, where he found a new team for his Quintet „Meersalz“ with the brilliant musicians Miguel Martins, Alexandre Dahmen, Luís Henrique and João Melro.