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Awarded “Best of Swiss Jazz Bachelor 2012”, it also got the maximal score as Leon Baldesberger’s Masters Project at the Conservatoire in Zürich two years later. The project has continuously developed since its foundation and stood on stage at various Clubs in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal and Spain. The Debut Album „Störfaktor“ was presented in Switzerland in 2016 and the second Album “Odd Matters” will be released in January 2019 by Blue Asteroid. Stylistically one could call it „augmented minimal odd-meter“. Carefully structured and orchestrated passages, often based on minimalistic patters which are dominated by a combination of complex rhythms and broad harmonies, are side by side with very open and improvised passages.


„This group combines time-structure composition with the freedom of improvisation, at a highly stimulating level. Leon Baldesberger creates unity in diversity“. Translated from german: „Diese Gruppe verbindet auf anregenste Weise kompositorische Zeitstrukturen mit der Freiheit der Improvisation. Leon Baldesberger gelingt es Einheit im Vielen zu schaffen.”
(Chris Wiesendanger)

„Leon Baldesberger is more than just an instrumentalist, he has a very creative vein“. Translated from german: „Leon Baldesberger ist mehr als nur Instrumentalist, er hat eine ausgesprochen kreative Ader“
(Christoph Merki)


Leon Baldesberger (tp, comp)
Miguel Martins (g)
Alexandre Dahmen (p)
Luis Henrique (b)
Joao Melro (dr)